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Our professionals carry out the electrical installation part from the beginning to the delivery.
We look for the best solutions, the most cutting-edge and appropriate materials and technologies, adapting to the budget. We optimize the process, we unify all the components, always being in direct contact with the future client, so that together we can find the viability of the project.

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It is important for our team to make a  quality work. We use the main tools for electrical design, and we integrate the best brands on the market into our projects.

Both in projects where we do a complete integration, and in other projects where a "retrofitting" modification is made.

We are committed to industry 4.0, the circular economy, where we try to find solutions.

PLC programming

Extensive experience programming PLCs from Siemens, Telemecanique, Phoenix Contact and Omron.

Both for process control and machinery automation. Incorporating the most reliable and widespread communication systems: Profibus, Profinet, ModBus, CAN and AS-i.

Programming  ROBOTS

Extensive experience in industrial and collaborative robotics programming, in packaging, pic&place, cutting and welding applications.

We work with the main brands in the market, ABB, KUKA, FANUC AND  YASKAWA. 

We make industry 4.0 possible

We create innovative engineering solutions and implement them in projects that benefit a variety of industries. Our advanced engineering services are meticulously designed to provide efficient and sustainable solutions and results over long periods of time.

  • Integration of peripherals

  • Adaptation to regulations

  • process engineering

  • optimization

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