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About us

Founded in September 1999, the firm has a base of experienced professionals in areas relevant to 4.0 companies. The varied and diverse backgrounds of our staff ensure that the engineering solutions resulting from each project have an "inside" as well as an "outside" point of view.

Today's complex mechanical and electrical systems require our professionals to understand not only how they work, but also how to optimize and meet the needs of the end customer in each individual project.

Successful projects require personalized attention  while maintaining an overview of goals and budget. All of this comes from ongoing communication with everyone on the project team, beginning with conceptual design and continuing through turnkey manufacturing, commissioning and delivery.


Nuestro compromiso empresarial en la Industria 4.0 implica la adopción de tecnologías disruptivas, la transformación digital, la colaboración, el enfoque en el talento y la sostenibilidad.

We make industry 4.0 possible

We create innovative engineering solutions and implement them in projects that benefit a variety of industries. Our advanced engineering services are meticulously designed to provide efficient and sustainable solutions and results over long periods of time.

  • Integration of peripherals

  • Adaptation to regulations

  • process engineering

  • optimization

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Coche de montaje de brazo de máquina

Since 1999, DISEÑO DE MAQUINAS Y PROGRAMACION DE AUTOMATISMOS SL, through a range of engineering services, we use the most modern technology to improve our communities. We serve clients in various industries with hands-on engineering services.


Estamos comprometidos,  nuestras políticas, productos, servicios y acciones van dirigidas a crear un entorno más sostenible. 

Tenemos el reconocimiento del Instituto Aragonés de Fomento,  RSA,  "Responsabilidad Social de Aragón"

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